A Lifetime of Opportunities
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Celebrating Diversity with Inclusion to create A Lifetime of Opportunities in communities around the world 
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Current projects
We are currently seeking opportunities to provide jobs for young adults with special needs, such as Down Syndrome, in the Westchester, NY, Greenwich, CT, and Stamford, CT town areas.  Please contact us today to learn more or volunteer assistance at nicoleaemail@gmail.com
Unfortunately, children with special needs such as Down Syndrome are not provided the opportunity to attend college in many areas. Help us to bring the dream of a college education to these young adults by contacting us today.
Help us to celebrate the diversity of our community by joining together as one in groups to promote inclusion in education, the workplace, social interactions, and physical and spiritual environments.  Contact us to learn more about how you can make a difference today.
A Lifetime of Opportunities encourages citizens across the globe to utilize their civic voices by working with their local governments to help create ongoing inclusion opportunities which educate the mind and utilize the many abilities and talents of people that come from all spectrums of life.
A Lifetime of Opportunities would love to work together with you in order to help educate the mind by providing ongoing inclusive opportunities for education, jobs, meaningful social interactions and physical and spiritual growth within our diverse global community. Contact us to Volunteer today!!!
Curiosity of the mind is a wonderful God-given trait that is inside all of us. What better way is there to nourish our natural inquisitiveness and continue the lifelong education of our mind than with inclusive opportunities for a fulfilling college education, a rewarding job career, meaningful social interactions, and physical and spiritual growth?

The mission of A Lifetime of Opportunities is to help promote ways by which all of us can work together to achieve the goal of providing these opportunities to everyone in our global society regardless of abilities, disabilities, age, race, socio-economic status, personal orientation, gender, religion, or nationality.
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